TPE (thermoplastic elastomer) seals are used in self-sealing profiles. These seals can be manufactured in every color. Fırat generally implements grey TPE seals for its profiles with white seals

Via the exclusive plastic seal production technique developed by Fırat, the company is able to manufacture TPE seals which come with a much higher performance than ordinary plastic seals. Fırat grey seals, which consists of three layers and each of these layers is produced with different formulae and raw materials; thus, they display the best performance values among plastic seals. The permanent deformation values is around 35 – 40 % for these grey seals. The active part of the seal (1st layer) is made of soft plastic while the middle section (2nd layer) is made of hard plastic and the vaulted cheeks which are installed within profiles are composed of PP (polypropylene).

TPE grey seals, which are installed to profiles tenaciously by mechanical solutions, ensure great convenience to the producer because of easy and secure welding with the profile in the source of thermofix and it can be fixed to the profile during the window production process because of the layers within. TPE grey seals meet the class values of EPDM rubber seals in the air permeability and wind pressure resistance performance tests for windows.


Density 0,91±0,03 gr/cm3
Hardness 60±5 IRHD
Rupture Resistance >=5 N/mm2
Rupture Augmentation >=%250
Permanent Deformation(Under 25% pressure in 100 C 24 hours) <=%50
Aging by Heat Effect (7 days 100 C)  
Hardness Differentiation <=%5
Rupture Resistancy Diferentiation <=%25
Rupture Augmentation >=%200
Ozone Resistancy There is no cracking according to DIN 53509