A detailed profile, which is used for PVC door and window systems, is a type of PVC profile that is commonly utilized in the product series of Fıratpen, Winhouse, Gedizpen brands, which are PVC door window system brands of Fırat.

Detailed profiles are not indispensable components of PVC door and window systems. They are provided by PVC window suppliers in order to resolve potential issues in the implementation of PVC doors and windows or to meet the demands of the end consumer. In other words, they can be used for structuring the architectural appearance of the window or improving its performance, as well as bringing a solution to any present application difficulties or problems.

The fact that detailed profiles can be utilized in all series of all Fırat brands enables for these to be implemented in even more areas of use. Additionally, since the detailed profiles of other manufacturers can be different in size or form, the product variety of the sector is improved as well.


A distinctive advantage detailed profiles have is that their area of utilization is not limited to PVC door and window systems. They can also be implemented in different sectors such as construction, agriculture (greenhousing), pharmaceutical and chemical industries. The corrosion resistance, long life and superior insulation values of detailed profiles facilitates their usage in various areas.