Proper sound and heating insulation and functionality of PVC window and door systems are only possible through the use of correct seals on the system.

We use EPDM rubber

We as FIRAT use the most natural raw material, Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer (EPDM) for seals on our PVC door and window systems. The reason is that EPDM seal is the single seal that has resistance to sunlight-air oxidation, ozone-induced cracking, shore hardness range of 30-95 at temperatures between +130 C -40 C and irreversible deformation values for sealing on the system under excessive wind load.

Quality and Perpetuity

Another important aspect of EPDM seals is perpetuity of quality. Thanks to our supply of invariable raw material, full-automatic production feeding systems, mixtures prepared by computer assistance and laboratories for conducting obligatory raw material and product test, FIRAT EPDM seals are always produced in the same quality and standards. We produce all our products containing sulphur and peroxide in accordance with the standards RAL GZ-716 / 1 Ab and TSE -7510. Under these standards, density, hardness, elongation at break and break strength and irreversible deformation of the seals are tested. We vulcanize EPDM seals in two ways, namely with sulphur and peroxide. Physical characteristics assured by means of vulcanization system by use of sulphur ensure that much less irreversible deformation is obtained at higher temperatures by vulcanization with peroxide.

Measuring and Controls

Diameter, wall thickness, ovalness and similar production measuring is performed by means of ultrasonic measuring equipment available on the production lines and thus improper production is prevented by activation of audio and illuminated warning systems in cases of off-standard situations. Additionally, the cross-section of the EPDM seals are magnified 10 times by use of our special projection equipment for constant performance measuring controls to the accuracy of 0.001. Manufactured with our quality control system that is active at all the stages such as raw material, production and packaging and as integrated with PVC profiles, the seals are subject to regular measuring controls on samples taken from each package and are archived.