Guillotine System, which we design and manufacture, is a vertical sliding system that can be implemented in confined spaces such as kitchens or lofts with no room for sash swing, and in detached houses and villas to achieve added value in terms of aesthetics. In addition, it is the PVC window system that is preferred throughout the restoration period of historical buildings where the authenticity of the ambiance is desired to be preserved.  

Guillotine System:

  • The requested sash width can be facilitated and the ease of mobility of sash weights up to 50 kg can be ensured through special accessories utilized.
  • Slide of both sashes can be achieved as requested.
  • Both sashes can be tilted to awning position, thus allowing a much more effective ventilation and ease of sanitation.
  • Secure against external intervention by means of the special key lock system utilized.
  • The bottom frame profile designed as sill, providing an improved decorative look.
  • 5 mm - 20 mm and 24 mm glazing thickness can be applied in the system.
  • Laminated coating option allows manufacturing in desired color and design.
  • Specially designed parts ensure ease of mechanical connection between the side frame and the bottom sill profile.
  • Interlocking system facilitates perfect alignment and prevents air and water permeability when the sashes are closed.

Window Pattern Options

Golden Oak
Aluminium Brush Effect
Silver Brush Effect
Steel Blue
Dark Oak
Dark Green
Cream White
Eiche Rustical
Silver D (Silver Grey)