Zamak consists of basic ores from a mixture of zinc, aluminium, copper and magnesium. Zamak has a high impact and load resistance and thus there is no stretch and fracture in the zamak based products. Hinges, espagnolette strikers and meeting rail are produced on accordance with the DIN 1743 with the raw material of zamak.

Opening Systems

Espagnolette and double opening systems produced with the high technology and approved quality and functional perfection; enables a fast assembly and multiple usage opportunity with its considerably less hardware elements.


Our hinges are produced in accordance with the TS EN 1935 quality standards, from zamak raw material in 90mm and 75mm sizes, with their burrs removed with computer controlled vibrators, being washed in the pre process baths, and painted by electrostatic and oven drying. The paint life of the hinges which are painted in different colours so as to become harmonized with the different profile colours are 25-30 years, with their corrosion resistant plastic bedding their opening and closing life is min. 25000 times. For a secure transportation our hinges are packed one by one with a vacuum technology.


Our door and window handles are supported with 7mm x 7mm metal and thus they cannot be broken and fixed in the desired location with the position lock spindles. They are produced in different colours for different colour profiles.


Espagnolette strikers are produced from zamak raw material and there is no colour change on the surface in time and they have high impact resistance.