Quality Policy

Quality is the core of modern life. I have to transform my customers’ expectations into customer satisfaction. In order to achieve that, I meet all of my customers’ expectations, and provide my products and services in compliance with national and international standards and values.

This is my conscientious duty.

I constitute a whole together with all the other employees of ours. I share what I know and learn what I do not know from those who know it. Our partnership on knowledge and skill makes us an insuperable team. Our efforts complementing each other ensure that we obtain superior quality all the time. I carry out my responsibility properly and at once in order to improve myself, my company and my country.

This is my humanitarian obligation.

It is our common ideal to catch prosperity level of the developed countries and securing the future of my nation. Therefore, I fastidiously comply with the new principles which modern business life and competitive economy entail. It is my duty to decrease costs, bring new Technologies in our constitution, increase our competitive power and produce knowledge, skill and solution. And the quality of our products, efficiency of our efforts and delivering services and products on time are my honor.

This is my national duty.

Behind the interest shown in us and our products lay this partnership agreement and this confidence. For my company and for me, this confidence is “Word of Honor” and “Quality Policy”. In order to comply with the commitments stated above, Fırat has established a Quality Management System and promises to perform the requirements of this system and to improve the efficiency of this system constantly.